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The city of London took the streets to publicly mourn the Princess as Prince Charles walked with his family in the streets for the funeral procession.

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Who is london charles dating

Surprisingly, Camilla isn't the first in her family to have a royal affair.

Camilla reportedly idolized her great-grandmother, Alice Keppel, the famous mistress of Prince Charles' great-great-grandfather Edward VII.

More than 200 photographers, journalists, tourists, and fans crowd the streets around the hotel to catch a glimpse of the two, who were reluctant to be too public since Diana's death.

The rare sighting of the couple together was the moment that their relationship when from a public affair to a public romance.

I'm Cupid." Charles proposes to Diana on February 6, 1981, and the engagement is officially announced on February 24th.

That summer, Charles and Diana marry on July 29 at St. According to ABC's new special, , focusing on the summer before Diana's death, Camilla was present at Charles and Diana's wedding despite Diana's wishes for her not to attend.

But her relationship with Charles, which spans four decades, is more than just a scandalous affair.

Today, the two are happily married, but before reaching martial bliss, they had to tackle royal marriages, tabloid drama, and even tragedy in order to maintain their love.

You've got all the men in the world to fall in love with you and you've got two beautiful children. " Diana responses, "I want my husband." In November 1992, the press manages to release private tapes of intimate phone conversations between Charles and Camilla, confirming their affections for one another.

The tabloids later label the tape incident "Camillagate." A month later, Prime Minister John Major confirms martial issues between Diana and Charles and announces their separation.

Though Camilla starts to form a relationship with Charles' sons, she has yet to formally meet the Queen.


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