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Now it makes for a great story and I wouldn't change a single part of our friendship.It means the world to me to have her by my side on my wedding day.As a fellow Civil engineering major, Ryan and I suffered through the same rigorous course load in college.

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Who is brandon davis dating

Little did I know that she would become my roommate and later my bridesmaid.

I love this girl with all of my heart and am so happy that she will be a part of this special day. I wanted to be her friend and she thought I was the mean girl that refused to invite her to parties.

Rachel is an amazing young woman and in the short amount of time I have known her, I have watched her achieve so much. Brittany never ceases to amaze me with what she can achieve. She is training to be a firefighter, and I know she will be an amazing one.

It is such a privilege to have her by my side when I marry her brother.

Hello All, You can use the links below to view photos from our wedding. Wedding: IXDPhotobooth: https://us/brandonandlexapb/This girl has been by my side since we met in 5th grade. I am honored to have her by my side for the most important day in my life so far.

I miss the days of living half a block away, but I know that she is always a phone call away.From the beginning, Ryan has been an incredibly reliable friend, and from baseball games, to exam studying, to whiskey tastings, he is always a blast to hang out with.I met Lexa's brother, Caleb, briefly when Lexa and I first started dating.From the moment I met Cragan in 8th grade, we were attached at the hip.We had matching backpacks, phones, and believe it or not, we were the same height.From day one at college, I knew this guy was alright.

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