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He'd believed that he had made love himself in the past, but now he could see that he had not. Rooted to the spot, half-hidden by a wall, he stayed where he was and kept schtum. He must have spied on them for at least another hour before he snuck away. Cancelling images of her rival's naked body, Victoria began to psyche herself up. She had given her the fucking phone for God's sake; given her it with the incriminating photos and a sincere farewell. No, there was nothing in the least masculine about the things they were doing. It gradually struck Armand that this was his first sight of genuine love-making. Less bizarrely, there was no temptation to reveal his presence. It was hard to know how The Sioux had got her number.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sacramento Northern Railway relinquished its rights to the 1911 M Street Bridge in return for the rights to rail traffic over the new bridge until March 21, 1960, which was the original expiration date of its franchise to operate rail traffic over the 1911 bridge. Road traffic was diverted to the I Street Bridge, and rail traffic was diverted to a temporary timber-and-steel "shoofly" bridge approximately 75 ft (23 m) of the existing M Street Bridge. From east to west, the bridge consists of a 30 ft (9.1 m) long girder span, a 167 ft (51 m) long eastern truss approach span, the 209 ft (64 m) long central lift span, a 193 ft (59 m) long western approach span and four 34 ft (10 m) long girder spans.

With the draw up, there is 100 feet (30 m) of vertical clearance above high water with a 172-foot (52 m) wide navigation channel between the timber pier fenders.

When the warning siren sounds, the crossing activates to block traffic until the bridge is safe for use.

For years, the bridge was painted with a silver aluminum paint under a special work order, In 2001, as the old paint job could hardly be distinguished, residents who lived within 35 mi (56 km) of the capital voted on a new color scheme.

And right then, even if he was supposed to be above snooping on mere women, he had no impulse to stop. Erin's were much smaller but, in proportion, even more prominent.

And, even if his attention was inextricably drawn to Trish, he couldn't start to discount her visitor. The global superstar reporter had a tiny body but it had been assembled by someone with a gift for genius. Fuck common decency; the loud music had drowned out his approach and turned him unwittingly into a voyeur. As he (snooped) watched, Trish said something that made Erin laugh. However sexy Trish's ass was, she was determined to whip it here in Sacramento. The sex goddess might be smaller, but she was tougher than nails.

I'm going soft in my old age, she thought, chuckling. 'Today's my first alcohol in five weeks,' Trish said. 'And I do too.' 'I wouldn't expect anything less.' They chinked their glasses and, after struggling for the words, Vic said, 'I owe you an apology for what happened in London.' Trish shrugged, unintentionally jiggling her wonderful tits. Not that it happened, but about the way it happened. Think Ali and Frazier; we might not get as famous as them, but we need each other just like they did.' Vic watched Trish put the empty glasses on a cabinet. 'Now come here and show me exactly how much I'm needed.' Chapter Six Erin Brook showed up unannounced on the Tuesday morning, elfin, ballsy and brash as always. Obviously you wouldn't know that.' 'Sure I do,' Erin objected, thrusting a bottle of spring water in Trish's direction, slurping dry white as she did so. He was proud to be the one guy with unlimited access to the blonde beauty. they looked for stowaways on the back seat; otherwise they just waved him through. Well, there was loud music blaring from the poolside area, but that was hardly unusual. Today it was Bat Out of Hell, which wasn't a surprise . And this one was one of the many who'd made it clear they were attracted to him.

'I've been abstaining ahead of you-know-what.' Vic frowned at that. I won't be pulling another stunt like that again.' 'You won't have to pull any stunts to get to fuck me. Unless I'm thousands of miles away the answer will always be yes.' 'Will it, even without ropes and blindfolds? This afternoon was the nicest surprise I've had in ages.' 'And will you still be saying that after Sacramento? 'I don't think Ali needed Smokin' Joe the way I need you right now,' she observed. Although reporters were excluded from Trish's vicinity and she was renowned as being one of the most inquisitive, she somehow got in without security noticing. 'We can negotiate about the fuck later.' 'Talking about fucking, have you had that gorgeous black security guy yet? ' Trish laughed, 'as if I'd tell the likes of you.' 'I bet you have.' 'And I bet you'll never get the truth out of me. 'I'm here to record the champion's every last step, so I naturally prepared before I set off. Okay, so security checked him in and out but their attention was only perfunctory . Trish liked loud music while she worked out; and old, loud music at that. It was his body, of course; his perfect toned body, aided by passable good looks. He'd laughed them off before but wouldn't do that today.

Then, as naked as the day she was born, she straddled Trish, not actually sitting on her face but holding herself just above it, well within the reach of a lascivious tongue. And the idea of two women making out together had never occurred to him. His experience of sex exclusively catered for masculine preferences. Now it was her mind that needed the coaching, not her body.

Armand had never had fantasies about women with men, not even as a teenager. Okay, he had sucked and quite tenderly fucked but he hadn't ever made love; not like these two women were making love to each other. If he didn't move they wouldn't notice him; not while they were so absorbed in each other. And he was back in his car before he realized he'd cum in his pants. Her version of strict training had involved fighting as hard and as often as possible, and it had worked well.

Others have suggested that copper would have been a far better color choice, especially in the context of nearby buildings.


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