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Is there a good place to go to meet people in Northern Utah, any good communities or places where I can meet other open-minded people with similar interests?I realize this isn't particularly relevant to this sub, but I am an ex-Mormon and am having difficulties finding any open minded people or good places to meet them. (I don't know where your nearest one is because I don't live in Utah.) Just meeting people (whether THEY turn out to become dates or not) is valuable, because they all know friends and relatives who are GLBT-open.

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I'm searchin for a man that will be able to take care of myself, to protect me,a mix of a real man,a little bit macho, but...

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I am ready for a relationship with a nice gentleman but I’m not opposed to something more casual.

GLBT activities and events are one of the BEST places to meet people who can, at least, lead you to OTHER people.

(Straight people don't have an equivalent to GLBT community centers as an option most of the time, so take full advantage of this real opportunity.) Check out whatever is available in your area (hikes...parades...community service projects...whatever) and start in wherever it seems easiest.

I am an FTM, post top-surgery, been on hormones for 2 years, and I'm looking for dates with either guys or girls, trans or not; anybody to date.

I'm not picky as to sexuality or gender, I'm more interested in personalities.

Sending you best wishes for a wonderful, and brand new, social life (and a great, new, rest of your new life as well!

:)I did a google search and came up with lots of possible places-- you are clearly not alone. wish you luck. You will likely have better luck in other cities, Seattle, San Francisco (who can afford to live there? With very few exceptions, Utah is very closed minded and judgemental.

I like many types of men but I love to feel feminine next to you, if you’re attracted to ts more than...

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