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They also provide online training to keep them in a circle them in changes in the services.

To work here, you must have great communication skills and a pleasant voice, because they ask to commit to around 2000-3000 texts per month.

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You have flexible work hours, and you can also control who you want to chat too.

They pay usually receive by Pay Pal twice a month, pitching five business days after pay time ends. You are rated by your work hours, regular chats(video and text).

The basic idea of this site is for guys to search for ‘internet girlfriends.’A person so busy to date has a traveling job, or the women nightmare, man not ready for a proper commitment.

So My Girl Fund emotionally connects to someone, and as seen you get paid decently to flirt and chat.

You should have high-speed internet services, and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calls.

The pay isn’t listed on their site, but through various people worked here, it is got into knowledge that the payment is somewhere 7 cents per message. If you try to take up this job, you have to be dedicated. There has been complaining of people not getting paid and employees not doing the work correctly — people who employee for such tasks, have high expectations. You can get paid to flirt online; you can make a few bucks.

A prominent website, they require much more professional women.

Women with excellent typing skills, great personas and great with conversations are necessary.

They also have some services in New Zealand, Spain, Australia, and the Netherlands.


  1. The easiest fix for this is merely deleting your cookies.

  2. The idea is you can build an authentic picture of yourself, with answers, photos, details about what you’re reading or listening to and even video. You can like someone’s activities and photos, which reminds us more of Facebook-style interactions, but packaged up within a dating app. It’s got a large user-base and when it comes to success rates, it really divides opinion.

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