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The 919 is the first JPX series to leverage Mizuno’s enhanced Grain Flow Forged HD process, which as we’ve covered a few times now, limits the amount of excess material that spills out of the lower part of the mold during forging.

The end result is a more tightly packed grain structure in the hitting area, which ultimately results in better feel.

It’s bold-ish blue badge certainly didn’t look out of place next to other offerings in the game improvement category, but it was a bit more ornate than your typical Mizuno iron.

For the JPX900, Mizuno took a more refined approach, raising the sophistication level to nearly that of MP, and it wasn’t a stretch to think that some golfers, even some traditional Mizuno golfers, might prefer the JPX aesthetic.

As is often the case, the answer boils down to mass distribution. How can we take it away from where it isn’t needed and relocate it in a way that will improve performance?

As we answer those questions, we’ll also touch on a couple of things you don’t see very often.

As we’ve discussed before, while MP plays to tradition, the JPX is designed to appeal to a modern, more aggressive golfer.

You don’t have to be strong like Brooks, but there’s an edginess, both metaphorically and literally, to the line that doesn’t exist with MP.

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From a materials standpoint, Tour is distinguished from the rest of the JPX900 lineup by the use 1025E Mild Carbon steel.

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