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E2EE is a communication system designed so that messages saved on our servers are encrypted and cannot be read by anyone except the sender and receiver of the message.Considering a free (read: unethical) pornography is so readily available it's almost harder to avoid than find it, a surprising number of people are still paying to call phone sex lines."The cool part is, if I wanted to make a dollar I can. I put on high heels and do my hair and makeup," she tells me.

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Please list all APIs that are connected through LINE.

Multiple answers allowed(・Online Sales/Brand building/Mobile App Ads/In-Store Sales/Other) 14.

She tells me, "There’s this guy who calls in all the time and he plays a game. "He poops and wants you to clean it up," Angelica says.

He requests, ‘I want you to pretend you’re a fat squirrel jumping from one tree to another, and I need to hear the sound’. So I’ll start asking to do that but what does a squirrel sound like? "But then he describes exactly what he ate, so it shows up after he poops. I'll say, ‘Oh my god you had some carrots and corn’. ’"Mostly, callers are just looking for human interaction, and don't even want to talk about sex.

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[Common] ・URL displaying the item that violates rights ・Title that violates rights ・Details of the violation [In case of copyright violations] ・URL of a website that posts copyrighted material with authorization ・Details of violated copyrighted material [In case of trademark violations] ・Trademark violated ・Country and registration number of the violated trademark Please include the following details and we will reply to you as soon as we can. Available times (weekdays: xx:xx – xx:xx, weekends/holidays: xx:xx – xx:xx) 4. Fortune-telling experience (face-to-face: x years, email: x years, chat: x years, phone: x years, other: ) Note: As we are also looking to fill counseling positions, please mention any related experience you may have outside of fortune-telling. What are some of the available measurement methods? What are the values that your tool can provide to advertisers by connecting through the LINE Ads Platform? How much does it cost to use your company's tool? LINE Ads Platform distribution region (Japan/Taiwan/Other) 9. of companies that currently use your company's tool in the distribution region specified above. Do you have any original features that utilize other API that LINE provides (ones that are not provided through collaboration or partnerships)? You can make a range of partnership proposals to LINE by filling out the form below.


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