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He’d refused to tell any of his family members when his flight arrived, to save them the hassle of coming to the airport to pick him up, so instead he and Grace had rented a car. It had been clear the second he’d pulled into the driveway and she’d seen all the tension leave his shoulders. Suddenly she could see the boy he must have been, running around the city, interviewing the neighbors, critiquing the lemonade stands and writing it up in the school paper …

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“Because I have about a dozen reasons.” “What’s the problem, Grace? They’d slipped away to the West Village for his favorite by-the-slice hole in the wall. “And I know there’s no way in hell they’ll get you into Yankee Stadium, but I, for one, am delighted. Perhaps you could just make a little update to that blog post, letting the women of New York know that my boring cheese pizza means I have a massive member? You know I never lie,” she said as she used her thumb to wipe a glob of sauce from his lip. “I believe there’s a solution to this little disagreement. Suddenly she understood what Emma had meant when she’d said Grace was playing with fire by “going off the grid” instead of having lunch near the office, where they could at least pretend it was only for the sake of work.

” Grace took a bite of pizza and washed it down with the soda that Jake held out for her. I want a chance to prove to you that it’s absolutely fitting for a man who’s comfortable ordering just cheese.” “Said by a man who two days ago ordered the meat lover’s super-duper heart attack combo.” “You’re avoiding the topic.” She unsuccessfully tried to hide a smile. Sleeping with him once was a freebie to free you of Greg’s mind games. Jake had been in the process of putting his arm on the back of the bench, but he stopped, reversing directions and crumpling up his napkin in a fist instead. ” Jake remained stonily silent, and the easy camaraderie of the afternoon vanished.

A Shadow in Summer - Daniel Abraham Series: The Long Price Quartet #1 Challenges: ROOT, Alpha KITRating: The writing is lovely, the story intriguing, the worlds he's built amazing.

And our heroine, all of 19, is already beginning to break out of the bonds of her upbringing.55. The characterization was great and world-building excellent.56.

Riley slapped her desk and made a buzzing noise as though they were in a game show.

“Try again.” Camille pushed her way into the already overcrowded office and perched on the edge of Emma’s desk. Alex knows somebody who got a bunch of cheap tickets.” Julie leaned back in her chair and studied their boss.

All Systems Red - Martha Wells - Series: Murderbot Diaries #1Challenges: ROOT, Random CAT, SFFKITRating: Imaginative and fun A different look at AI, intelligence and what makes something human. The world-building, with much of the world hidden from our view with only hints of what surrounds our current active piece of it, is first rate. A Natural History of Dragons - Marie Brennan Series: Mrs Trent's Memoirs #1Challenges: ROOT, RTTRating: Fun alt history with the usual Victorian expedition into 'primitive' parts of the world in an effort to explain the world and what it consists of. I thought Ms Brennan did a good job of sending up the Victorians' interest in the world around them as well as their disdain for other countries and peoples. Schwab Series: Shades of Magic #3Challenges: ROOT, BFBRating: satisfying conculsion to the series I really enjoyed the series.

The kind of sci fi I love, with lots of new ideas, and new worlds to explore, and intriguing ideas about how tech and humans will evolve.52. The Shadow Throne - Django Wexler Series: The Shadow Campaigns #2 Challenges: ROOT, Alpha KIT, SFFKIT, Color CATRating: Mysteries and Secrets and Magic, oh my! The magic is there, but not in your face and up front. The characters are quite varied and all of them are fully formed and intriguing.

My rules this year are simple: Any book I own is a ROOT. This is a re-read, as I want to get to the rest of the series.

Whether I finish it, or Pearl Rule it or don't even open it, if I take it out of my To Read Collection, it counts! I seldom touch dead tree books but will indicate such if I do so happen to read one! I loved it the first time, and perhaps love it even more.

And the characters are complex and humanly confusing.


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