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Regardless, the physical changes that accompany adolescence make these issues relevant for most families.

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There are no sooty coal mines underneath the steep, foliage-shrouded streets of Mount Airy, no Formica-wrapped diner where men in flannel shirts and steel-toed boots load up on painfully bitter coffee and heaping platters of cholesterol while dissecting last night’s No, life on these blocks centers around a joint on Carpenter Lane called Weavers Way, the venerable corner food co-op that launched in the twilight of the hippie era in 1972, where today senior citizens and young social workers wander down from rambling old-stone houses with their reusable canvas bags to load up on bulk spices, home-baked muffins, or maybe a treat like pumpkin gingersnap ice cream.

Miles Butler (right) and Jeff Podlogar (left) are the owners of the Germantown Expresso Bar.“We’re aware that we have more power locally, and that there’s a lot of chaos and cacophony in Washington that’s important to have a pulse on — but that our power …

In early December of 2013, Alex's now-fiancé Servando Carrasco — who she's been dating since their years at the University of California, Berkeley — brought her down to the water in Manhattan Beach, California, to watch a fireworks show."He asked me to stand up, then got down on one knee," she remembers.

Everyone around us was watching the fireworks, so no one had any idea what was going on.

For many teens with autism, the issues of dating and sexuality come up later than one might expect.

Some are eager as young teens, while others don’t appear interested until much later.During a now-completed We’re so glad to address this question, given how many teens and parents express interest.It helps to remember that most teens learn the social rules of dating while socializing with their friends.By "significant" I mean when young people want to experience a continuing relationship that involves more interest and caring than the casual socializing or friendship they have known before.The USWNT is playing in the World Cup Finals this Sunday against Japan, and we’re so excited we’re feeling a little like this: In celebration of the big game, we worked long and hard for this very difficult journalistic pursuit and created a gallery of all the times the United States Women’s National Team hugged each other with their legs in friendship during the World Cup.It was so intimate."While she's keeping her dress under wraps, Alex agreed to give us a few details."I wanted a shape that would work with my body, so I started out trying on pretty much everything: sleeves, strapless, low backs, full skirts, you name it," she says.

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