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We divided our lesson time in consolidating her grammar and conversation skills, practicing being interviewed and English for the hospitality industry.Brigitte fell in love with Malta and despite some setbacks, she persevered in seeing the positive. I have been taking private lessons since February 2013 and Skype lessons with Warren since July 2013 and I can recommend Warren’s service without reservation.

So I want to thank him again for all those good and beneficial times. I met her whilst giving a Business English Course to a mixed level group of French students on an internship programme here in Malta.

Her level to begin with, was a weak elementary, but nevertheless she did her best holding her ground amongst intermediate and upper intermediate students.

Mathias’ on-line lessons are mainly conversation based as since he also attends ad hoc English Classes in Germany, he wishes to practice English Conversation twice a week, to remain fluent and at ease with speaking the language.

We are now alternating conversation classes with Business English exercises such as e-mailing to consolidate his writing skills.

I really noticed that my English skills have improved beyond my expectations.

Especially my ability to communicate has been developed in a tremendous way.Warren knows how to adapt his way of teaching to the profile of his pupil. Warren is also a very kind person, he appreciates humor, likes to laugh.It is easy, pleasant and very interesting to exchange with him, I really enjoyed.A fine piece of literary anthropology.” —Amazon “Erica Abeel’s “Wild Girls” follows Brett, Audrey, and Julia, friends who meet at Foxleigh — an amalgam of Barnard and Smith — as they negotiate the changing landscape of a woman’s place in America from the 1950s through the early 2000s. Abeel, a master of the sardonic voice, sets a scene in which coeds are clustered in a “dorm’s common room for a bull session on the meaning of life. [Brett’s] little band would not fall into line so fast, oh no; they’d flex their talent in some gleaming, if amorphous future almost certainly involving the arts.” Of course, in the world of fiction, anyone who sets out with such good intentions is bound to veer off course. Audrey, an aspiring author who’s just sold her first book, comes to the conclusion that “Men . That’s why there were no female Einsteins, Audrey thought irritably; women wasted their best years trying to decode male language. and pay my way by living in books.” While not the most stirring proclamation, it’s a raw and true admission.She knocked off an article for Mademoiselle called ‘Manspeak.’ ” After the three graduate, Brett goes to Paris to ingratiate herself with the Beats. Abeel writes about this time period speaks to the author’s personal experience: She was At first, Brett worships Allen Ginsberg — whose sexual fluidity gives Brett hope that he might, one day, worship her back — but gradually her reverence is tempered by reality. People don’t to give up on their dreams, but sometimes it’s necessary in order to survive.In our Full-Immersion programme the focus is on learning English through DOING, the way children acquire a language, by listening, observing, feeling and repeating. Ten people with very different English levels..he found a way how to animate his classes so that all students participate and it was very interactive.


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