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Historically, the most widely used chemical agent is chlorine.Other chemical agents that have been used include ozone, Cl O2, the halogens bromine and iodine and bromine chloride, the metals copper and silver, KMn O4, phenol and phenolic compounds, alcohols, soaps and detergents, quaternary ammonium salts, hydrogen peroxide,...

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The management of plant habitats, the evidence of overexploitation and scarcity, and the effects of environmental and land use change is reviewed.

A brief profile of the country, and an overview of the health system and concepts of illness and treatment, and the role of traditional healers, of which herbalists form the majority, is included. Biodiversity is usually defined at three levels, i.e.

On the other hand, if it is shaded it may be cooler on average, because it does not get the direct heating of the sun.

Its humidity may differ water may have accumulated there making things damper, or there may be less water so that it is drier. The value of biodiversity as a source of pharmaceutically active substances has been the subject of a number of studies, for example Pearce and Puroshothaman (this volume), Mc Neely (1988), Farnsworth and Soejarto (1985) and Principe (1991).

As a result, some countries in Europe have begun... 7-8, the geostrophic flow will increase with height, as indeed is observed in Fig. There are three main categories of co-products that utilize all, or almost all, seafood processing wastes.

We saw in Section 5.2 that isobaric surfaces slope down from equator to pole. These are compost, meals, and hydrolysates or digests.

Currently, tires are in use, either on a trial or permanent basis, in 11 cement kilns and one lime kiln. Microclimates are caused by local differences in the amount of heat or water received or trapped near the surface.

A microclimate may differ from its surroundings by receiving more energy, so it is a little warmer than its surroundings.

Table 13 shows the major suppliers of full-scale anaerobic treatment plants for industrial wastewater and the corresponding technologies. The problems of waste management are different for the developing world.

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