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I wasn’t sure what was going on when we first met, I thought it was going to be a failed date for sure.She didn’t like me sitting close to her and was just not all that pleasant of a person.I tried to watch It’s Always Sunny with her but they talked so fast she couldn’t understand.

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The first time there was no pain cuz she was totally lubed up after being turned on all day. She was actually a pretty huge bitch and returned her food twice when we ate at the cafe at my apartment saying it wasn’t good.

Can never imagine a Pinay returning food at a resto.

It just seems odd that I had 4 in a month, and 4 of the 11 I hooked up with in Jakarta were virgins.

I think long term this is going to leave you getting blueballed a bit to often, but when it goes well it really goes well.

She had a very curvy hourglass figure without being fat and was wearing a really sexy black dress.

I gave her a hug and liked her body so much I stayed close to it all night.

Is getting virgins to come to your room a good thing?

I mean I guess if you are busting a nut each time the answer has to be yes.

But if you text a girl in the day and she says she wants to hang out that night and she will be there.

This simple fact alone has me wanting to give Jakarta a long term shot even though it is a bit more expensive and the visa is 10 times worse. One texts me after she gets off work after we had texted the past few days. She gets close to my place and texts me to say she is near and then says she has to leave by because she has a conference call for work. Since I had banged every other girl that had showed up at that point except 1 I made a quick move that was unsuccessful.

The girls put out at pretty much the same rate as you will get in the Philippines.


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