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– Bluehairs that attempt to enforce a maximum speed limit of 35mph no matter what the posted limit is. To lower a bike’s suspension (or in extreme cases remove it entirely), also a remark made to someone with intent to make comments, sometimes of a rude nature, to elicit laughs from those who hear/read it. Can refer to a race tire or a completely worn out tire with little or no tread left on it.Generally followed by a small parade of vehicles, they often speed up upon encountering a passing zone. Slick’s offer the greatest dry traction to a road surface as friction is greatest since there is little/no air gap (tread) between the rubber and the road.The bike retained a low, long look, high in the center, front to back, and handled relatively well – 1. This can happen if the piston to wall clearance is set to close on a forged piston which expands more and faster than a cast piston and can seize the engine when there is no more room/clearance for a forged piston’s expansion. Unlike modern motorcycles, early motorcycles used a foot-actuated clutch and the gear shifting was done with the rider’s hand via a long gear shift knob that was connected directly to the transmission (much like a manual transmission on a car).

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– A sportsbike that has been crashed and the owner cannot afford to repair the cosmetic damage so all the fairings are removed and the clip-ons are replaced with flat bars (these are the typical areas of damage on a sportsbike).

– A chopper term for increasing the neck rake of a motorcycle by extending the length of the frame’s front downtubes, which is that part of the frame between the neck and the front motor mounts.

Many manufacturers have a Supermoto in their model lineups.

– Swirl is the spiralling movement of the gas in the cylinder of a motor.

more torque in the low-mid RPM range with a few less horsepower in the top end.) 2. – Like a fuel gauge on a gasoline-powered vehicle, the state of charge indicates the amount of fuel remaining for use in a battery electric vehicle, hybrid-electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. The fuel (or electrical charge) is measured in percentages, with 0% being empty and 100% being full.

Term for a basic, universal, multipurpose motorcycle design. – What a cop would do to check for Straight Pipes is stick his nightstick in the end of the exhaust pipe and if it didn’t stop and went all the way in, ya got a coupon for straight pipes (a fix it ticket).

A Snell rating on a helmet, indicated by a sticker inside the helmet, states that the helmet has passed performance tests.

Helmet manufacturers are not required to apply, qualify or receive a SNELL rating unlike the required by law DOT rating.

Stretching is a chopper modification dating from the 1960’s. A single movement of a piston, stem or crank arm from one end of its range to the other.

Its effect was to raise the fork neck, increasing the degree of rake, and allow for the use of a long, extended fork without significantly raising the engine and drivetrain (and bike’s center-of-gravity) high into the air. – Sudden Engine Seizure – This also refers to a Stuck Piston which will cause a Gradual Engine Seizure, where the bike will loose power and need to be pulled over to cool-off. The engine was overheated and/or wasn’t broke in properly or the clearances were set wrong and the engine Stuck a Piston.

A more upright styled bike, with little attention to styling.

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