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A key facet of the findings was that Thai women with marriage partners in Holland maintained financial links with their extended family in Thailand.There are now well over 10,000 Thai women from Thailand who are living in Holland, most of them married to Dutch men.For some strange reason 12.5 years (copper) is the first landmark anniversary – which is easy to forget. If you got married 70 years ago, and you can still remember the happy occasion, you’ll be celebrating your platinum wedding anniversary.

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That is probably the reason the most popular wedding gift is money (and 46% admit to counting it during the wedding night when they should have better things to do.) If you are a foreigner, however, you will need lots more cash and patience to get all your official documents certified as being genuine in your country of origin.7 Wedding proverbs Surprisingly there are not so many sayings involving marriage in Dutch but there are a few: means that one wedding usually augurs another.

A famous Dutch joke is that there is only one word which rhymes with ‘huwelijk’ (marriage) – ‘afschuwelijk’ (horrendous).8 Etiquette Wedding etiquette is a minefield and the Netherlands is no exception.

Here’s a few key facts and other things you ought to know first.1 How many weddings?

Around 64,300 couples tied the knot in the Netherlands in 2015 (of which 1,259 were same sex couples).

The Thai woman and her Dutch husband then took her extended family there on a holiday to Pattaya and paid all expenses for the entire party.

This Thai woman and her husband spent nearly ,000 on her trip home to Thailand, ,000 of which was a debt taken out with a Thai moneylender in Holland by the Thai wife who also worked in Holland.

In the TLL survey a large proportion of Thai women married to Dutch men were also shown to have jobs (61%).

A recent study into Thai wives in Holland by a Thai Ph D student in Holland confirms these findings and also shows that Thai women there face challenges in their adopted country (Holland) and the weight of financial expectations from families in Thailand.

In addition around 13,000 people agreed a registered partnership, which is legally like a wedding but without the ceremony and cake.2 How old are the happy couple?

The average age for a man to tie the knot is 37 while women are 34.

Some registrars, however, like to take control and may ask questions like ‘Why are you getting married?


  1. | Relationship Chemistry Predictor | Relationship Needs Assessment Or, take our new psychological assessment that will tell you what you really want versus what you say you want.

  2. Once adrenaline is flooding our bodies, we are rendered incapable of empathetic conversation. When you sense your temper rising, either take a break, or interject with some humor. Resist the pattern of turning down every request your husband and wife makes.

  3. This was also a positive space for the LGBTQ community. Last week, the government passed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act.

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