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You'll symbolize the layers based on the alert level, which ranges from 0 to 4 depending on recorded heat stress.

Lower alert levels will be blue, while higher alert levels will be red.

Later, you'll use it to connect to Next, you'll download spatial data in JSON format from the NOAA Coral Reef Watch program.

In the next lesson, you'll develop a feed routine to automatically download the latest Coral Reef Watch data once it becomes available.

In the previous lesson, you retrieved, mapped, and published the latest data from NOAA's Coral Reef Watch program.

This data shows the coral bleaching information at a fixed moment in time, but the data is frequently updated.

How can you quickly update your map every time NOAA updates their data? Feed routines automatically download content, process it, and publish a dataset.

For this function's argument, you first list the layer to which you want to add the field, then the name of the field, then the data type and field alias.

You can also specify other settings, but these are the only ones you need for these fields.The data is hosted on the Coral Reef Watch website. These functions require you to first import the appropriate modules.To visualize the data you downloaded (and become more familiar with how you can use Python to interact with spatial data), you'll create two feature classes based on the JSON file.Overview Requirements Lesson plan Map the most recent data Import Arc Py and Arc GIS API for Python Download a file Create layers from the file Change the symbology Publish the layers Create a feed routine Create a stand-alone script Add advanced script functionality Update local feature classes Define the deployment logic function Run the stand-alone script Update an online feature service Acquire the service definition and ID Define the deployment logic function Run the stand-alone script Acknowledgements Ready to learn more?Related Esri Resources Gonzalo Espinoza is an expert on the integration of global and large datasets into applied research, especially in the fields of water resources and environmental engineering.In later lessons, you'll develop a feed routine so that these layers and services are automatically updated when new data becomes available.. With it, you can use Python to run geoprocessing tools and other Arc GIS functions.


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