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Lucas grabeel olesya rulin dating

The Springfield born actor moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career after graduation.

Later, he got opportunities to start his acting career through several commercials including toothpaste and Hot Wheels.

Let us scroll down to know more information on his personal life and professional life. He has not provided information on his parents and siblings.

But we do know that he has an older sister Autumn Grabeel.

Following that, he made his television debut by portraying the character ‘Jason Matheny’ in an episode of ‘Boston Legal’, starrer Julie Bowen and Rhona Mitra.

His other television credits are ‘pinky Malinky’, ‘Family Guy’, ‘Dragons: Race to The Edge’, and ‘Disney Star Darlings’, amongst others.

However, spending months in commercials, gradually he got a chance to work on a big screen in 2004.

He appeared on the role of ‘Ethan Dolloway’ in the third sequel of Halloweentown film ‘Halloweentown High’.

“It was #anighttoremember,” she captioned the group pic.

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