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We interviewed 45 young women who were heterosexually active, between the ages of 18 and 24, attending the university.

The women discussed their sexual history and backgrounds, and talked about how they viewed casual sex at university.

As a result, they compared themselves favourably to other young women whom they felt had “too much” sex – that is, more sex then they had.

The fifth category we identified was the “career women”.

Another group of young women, which we named the “relationship seekers”, also endorsed traditional gender roles, but were not religious.

These young women engaged in casual sex with the express purpose of finding a romantic partner.

They were still in a relationship with these men at the time we conducted the interviews.

These women all came from religious backgrounds, endorsed traditional gender roles in romantic relationships and had been told that sex before marriage was wrong.

They also felt some relief that they had made it to legal adulthood without experiencing a pregnancy.

When they did arrive at university, they had casual sex anyway, and quickly became involved in romantic relationships, although they were not seeking them.

In fact, having certain types of experiences as a teenager so clearly affected how women engaged with hookup culture, that we identified five distinct categories.


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