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Energy Production from Renewable Sources by 2020: The Cypriot Case. While comparing paired groups Wilcoxon signed rank test was performed, Mann - Whitney U test was used for comparing independent groups. According to the result of comparison between groups; It was found that exercise had significantly effect on Peak Power (w/kg), Average Power (w), Average Power (w/kg) and Power Drop (w/kg) in experimental group (p (4), 867-872.

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Contribution of renewable energy sources to the sustainable development of ıslands: An overview of the literatüre and a research agenda.

Socioeconomic and demographic factors that influence publics' awareness on the different forms of renewable energy sources.

Knowledge, perceptions and attitudes as determinants of youths' intentions to use bioenergy e a cross-national perspective. DOI:10.1080/15435075.2012.706244 Halder P, Prokop P, Chang CY, Usak M, Pietarinen J, Havu-Nuutinen S, Pelkonen P, Cakir M (2012). Dissertationes Forestales, Faculty of Science and Forestry, University of Eastern Finland.

Calculating, interpreting, and reporting Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient for Likert-type scales. Subject knowledge and perceptions of bioenergy among school teachers in India: Results from a survey. Halder P, Pietarinen J, Havu-Nuutinen S, Pelkonen P, Chang CY, Prokop P, et al (2013). Bioenergy knowledge, perceptions, and attitudes among young citizens—from cross-national surveys to conceptual model.

Environmental knowledge and sensitivity among eight –grade students: a study of the state and private primary schools’ sample in Ankara.

Exploring undergraduate students’ mental models of the environment: Are they related to environmental affect and behavior? The research results showed that the students had the perception that there would be lack of food due to global warming, but bioenergy would prevent the world from global warming. The social-environmental impacts of renewable energy expansion in scotland. Green marketing and its impact on consumer buying behavior. Bioenergy and climate change mitigation: an assessment. (1), 157-166 Uluçınar Sağır, Ş., Aslan, O., & Cansaran, A. The examination of elementary school students' environmental knowledge and environmental attitudes with respect to the different variables, Oxford: Oxford University Press. This research, which was tried with 217 high school students, was carried out to determine the perceptions and attitudes related to the usage of bioenergy. Creutzig F, Ravindranath NH, Berndes G, Bolwig S, Bright R, Cherubini F, Chum H et al (2014). Finally, stepwise regression results showed that social environment affects one’s environmental intent related to bioenergy use. It was also observed that there were different views between the male and female participants about the usage of wood and cutting trees down to produce energy. Environmental literacy in teacher training: Environmental attitudes, knowledge and behavior of beginning students. Environmental literacy of pre-service teachers in Israel: a comparison between students at the onset and end of their studies. Reconsidering public attitudes and public acceptance of renewable energy technologies: A critical review.


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