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Enable Events = False For Each Rng In Work Rng If Not VBA. The formula in my cell B6 on my 'summary' worksheet might be ='Example'! I am trying to show a timestamp on the summary sheet when ever changes occur to save me having to search through numerous linked worksheet for changes.If you are not an authorized individual, this private and confidential information is not intended for you.

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Sometimes it’s necessary to do a hard refresh to see the updates take effect.

But it’s unlikely that average web users know what a hard refresh is, nor can you expect them to keep refreshing the page until things straighten out.

So how can you ensure that any updates you’ve made to your CSS will take place immediately for all users?

Here’s one way to do it: , so it will generally force the browser to update the stylesheet.

19/2011): This article started out as a basic tip but there have been some great comments added for those interested in delving into the topic of caching even more.

So, although I do offer this as a recommendation, there are better ways to do this for larger apps, and there are some concerns to keep in mind should you choose to do this.

You could add many types of characters to the query string value, but numbers are a logical way to do it, because then you can just increase the number, and even add decimal places if you want.

And of course, if you don’t change the value for a while, the browser will continue to cache (or preserve) the file, and won’t attempt to download it unless other factors force it to, or you end up updating the query string value.

Then save and close this code to return to the worksheet, now when you change the cell value or type new data in Column B, the date and time will be recorded automatically in Column C. In the above code, you can modify the “B: B” to any other column that you want to change the cell values in this script: script, you can insert and update the date and time to the first column next to your changing value column, you can change the number 1 to other numbers, such as 2,3,4,5…that means the date will be inserted the second, third, fourth or fifth column besides your changed values column. When you delete a value in the changed column, the date and time will be removed as well.

The NCTracks Web Portal contains information that is private and confidential.

So, each time you update your CSS on the server, you can incrementally update your version number.


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