Heechul dating ivy

Personality wise, he wishes for a girl who can adjust to his short-temperedness, and can compensate both his sensitivity and playfulness.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then this picture tells us that singer Ivy is giving fellow popstar Kim Hee-chul lovey dovey looks. Kim Hee-chul recently confessed on tv talk show, Ya-shim-mahn-mahn, that he has a new crush.

And the object is his affections is purportedly Miss Ivy – or so the fingers point.

Being one of the most successful artist in the industry, it’s only natural that the public has taken an interest in the bachelor’s love life.

He has expressed before that his ideal type is someone who wear skirts, cooks well, looks good with their hair tied back, and has single eyelids.

He was rumoured to be in a relationship with a model named IVY and even SNSD’s Taeyon.

He was also once caught holding hands with a girl named Yerin, although it was proven that she wasn’t his girlfriend, but a co-actor from one of his projects.

He further added that he has been in fights, has gone on drinking binges but has never been in love…..

On August 10th 2006, Kim Heechul was involved in a car accident while on his way back to Seoul after attending the funeral of fellow Super Junior member Donghae’s dad.

After his release he still received out-patient care.

In total, Heechul received three surgeries to remove all the iron rods from his leg.

The accident was caused by malfunctioning tires, thus making him unable to swerve lanes.


  1. Looking around, I felt like the only girl who didn’t stay over at her boyfriend’s place on the weekends.

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