Harvest moon magical melody friendship dating

If the 5 bells can be sounded by Harvest Sprites then the King should appear to help out the Goddess' divine tree.

The Harvest Goddess uses the last of her power to create the little sprites, and instructs the orange sprite, Finn, to search for someone who can help.

One day the tree began to weaken, the air became stagnant, and the living creatures started to leave.

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The main hub of commerce is Harmonica Town, where you will find shops and residences.

Your farm is located in the Clarinet District, which is connected to Flute Fields (which connects to the Fugue Forest) and the Garmon Mine District. There was once a divine tree in the middle of the Harvest Goddess' pond.

I know that you need to ship 10 limestone before the fertilizer becomes available to upgrade your soil to the highest level... Or do you have to wait for your first winter and go into the winter mine to get it?

I got the guide and it says the best place to get limestone is Lake Cave, on level 45.

Flounder Sashimi Squid Sashimi Nice Squid Sashimi Jamasquid Sashimi Lampsquid Sashimi Blowfish Sashimi Chulowfish Sashimi Lobster Sashimi Shrimp Sashimi Pie Dough Sunny-Side Up Plain Omelet Cheese Omelette Tomato Omelette Char Meuniere R.

Trout Sashimi Yamame Sashimi Salmon Sashimi Huchen Sashimi Snapper Sashimi Opaleye Sashimi Shinapper Sashimi Snadore Sashimi Bonito Sashimi Yellowtail Sashimi Tuna Sashimi Sardine Sashimi Halfbeck Sashimi Saury Sashimi Halibut Sashimi Flounder Sashimi M.

Animal Parade allows players to choose the gender and style of the protagonist.

You can play as the original Tree of Tranquility characters, or select one of the new styles.

For Harvest Moon fans who Rising Star Games has teamed up with Namco Bandi and will be releaseing Animal Parade in November 2010.

Different languages have different release dates; English is November 26 and German is November 19.

Eve, the Night Moon ---- Loves ---- Crops: Strawberry Produce: Special Cheese Ores and Jewelry: Ruby Ring Ruby Brooch Fish: - Recipes: Grape Soda Apple Soda Very Berry Soda Purple Balm Pink Balm ---- Likes ---- Crops: Grape Apple Chestnut Moondrop Flower Pinkcat Flower Blue Mist Flower Mushroom Truffle Honey Produce: Butter Good Butter Special Butter Cheese Good Cheese Ores and Jewelry: Topaz Emerald Ruby Sapphire Amethyst Aquamarine Diamond Moonstone Limestone Topaz Ring Topaz Brooch Emerald Ring Emerald Brooch Sapphire Ring Sapphire Brooch Amethyst Ring Amethyst Brooch Aquamarine Ring Aquamarine Brooch Diamond Ring Diamond Brooch Coral Ring Coral Brooch Moonstone Ring Moonstone Brooch Silver Ring Gold Ring Fish: - Recipes: Veggie Salad Tomato Sandwich Egg Sandwich Quesadilla Amago Sashimi Char Sashimi R.


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