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Drive the 150-mile Great Ocean Road, one of world's truly epic coastal road trips.

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Your American-ness precedes you, often for the better.

So look past what you think the world thinks about the United States writ large.

Cheap flights and strong diplomatic ties make Ireland extremely accessible for Americans -- there's even an express line at customs. US citizens can stay for up to three months without a visa.

-- Why they dig Americans: Indians are some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet, and they're mostly keen to offer up directions, travel advice, or a helping hand to anyone -- regardless of nationality.

Why you should go: For starters, this West Virginia-sized former Soviet Republic is naturally stunning, from the Caucasus Mountains in the east to the Black Sea in the west.

Strong US diplomatic ties make it possible to stay in Georgia without a visa for up to a year.

Another reason to connect is India's burgeoning middle class, rapidly being exposed to new ideas from abroad.

They've got a little bit of spending money and they're curious about the West.

Point of fact, you don't even need to be all that charming to be intriguing.

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