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When trying to find employment in Russia, Moscow should definitely be your go-to city.

Pros: Russians call this the cultural capital of Russia as it has preserved the historical look from the XIX century.

Though the website’s blocked on the Russian territory, you can still use it by switching on any proxy app (e.g. Both employees and employers continue to use this job searching website.

Craigslist This isn’t a very popular resource in Russia, as most of the Russian people don’t know about it and therefore don’t publish vacancies here.

It also has a big job market for foreigners, but comparatively smaller than in Moscow.

Pros: Of course, every city has its own beauty and provides specific opportunities.For example, Vladivostok is well-known among Asian countries, as it’s located next to the Eastern Russian border.So, Asian people are more likely to find a good job here.Russia’s growing economy also provides a lot of opportunities for starting or expanding a business, especially in the biggest Russian cities—Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.So, let’s explore the Russian job market for foreigners and help you find the best job.Don’t forget to mention that you’re native speaker!

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