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"The roles in the West are so muddled, but in Russia men and women's roles are much more clearly defined; you don't have to worry about offending a woman if you open a door for her," he says.

Michael Berkowitz, a 54-year-old California businessmen who is hoping to marry a Russian woman he met on a tour to Moscow, agrees.

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It's kind of like being Hugh Hefner for a week, because you become far more popular than before." Nevertheless, good manners are still important, Greg insists.

"You have to be wise when you are going through the ladies and be a gentleman," he says.

"I like Russian women more than American women," he says.

"It seems as if Russian ladies are more involved with the relationship; you are not just a money tag and they are willing to put themselves out for their man." American television series such as "Ally Mc Beal" and "Sex and the City" might imply that there are thousands of desperate single women looking for husbands in the United States, but Adams says this is not the case.

Kuliyeva, for example, describes herself, her sister and best friend as "very beautiful." Gimeney's charming motto is "Everybody who is seeking love is beautiful," but this does not stop it running screening tests.

Most agencies claim to accept only a small percentage of the women who apply, while puts it more brutally on its web site: "Most photos received by agencies in response to ads feature ordinary women, and there are no doubts why these women are alone." Alex, who works at A Foreign Affair's Moscow office, says foreign men are attracted to Russian women partly because they are very beautiful but also because they epitomize the fading dream of the immaculately made-up 1950s-style housewife.

"We live different lives and according to different rules than in America," she says.

"There you have stability and Americans always try to plan their lives.

"She wasted it and kept wanting more and more," he says.

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