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Inko tittered in amusement, "Izuku really likes Katsuki-kun, huh?I'm happy that you get along with him so well."Not really, no, instead of getting along, Izuku was treated more like a stool or a punching bag.

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Not to mention the little devil himself and his three minions enjoyed giving Izuku and her a hard time because of it.

As time passed, her tail also seemed to be slightly firmer and more controllable.

Even if they wanted to, the small purple book was locked and the key was taped under her bed. Mikoto left the room while fixing the bows that kept her pigtails.

Not the most creative place but nobody in the house would be bold enough to read someone's diary.

It wasn't a particularly sunny day but it was warm and there was enough sunlight.

In the first place, she wasn't even that fond of the sun. As she had been accompanying Izuku on his playtime these days—more to protect him from Katsuki than anything else—she had been gaining more colours.

To this day, Mikoto still couldn't quite grasp the reason Mimi was so enamoured by her.

Sometimes, she would act like Izuku, singing her praises and watching her with awed looks.

She could now wrap it around her upper thigh to prevent it from being seen.

With her wings retracted, she looked like any other innocent little girl out there."I'm ready. Izuku appeared almost immediately, running out of the living room with Inko in tow, "Don't run or you'll fall. "Mikoto's smile twitched at the mention of the blonde devil's name.

Mikoto, unfortunately, wasn't so easily affected by a brat.


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