Dropbox not updating all files

If your files are synced on all but one computer, Selective Sync may be ignoring certain folders.

Open Dropbox's preferences, click "Account," then click "Selective Sync." Look at the list of folders and make sure the appropriate boxes are selected for each folder.

Dropbox relies on an unrestricted Internet connection to sync your files to the cloud and its desktop and mobile clients; if there is an error with one of your clients or your firewall is blocking it, your files will not sync correctly.

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First, you will need to disconnect your Fieldwire account from Dropbox: To re-establish the Dropbox connection, select ' New Plan' and choose the Dropbox icon.

Select "Connect" and you will be prompted to sign into your Dropbox account once more.

If Dropbox has gotten stuck on one of your computers, it may be unable to upload or download files properly.

It is possible that your files have synced correctly to the cloud, but Dropbox is unable to read them correctly.

So they're there, they're just not showing up in Finder.

I recently update my work computer (so the place where the new files usually come from) to El Capitan.

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In this case, restarting Dropbox by closing the program completely and starting it again can re-sync your files and display them properly.

If a file cannot upload, restarting Dropbox can also help reset the upload.

Certain files themselves may cause a problem for Dropbox, even if they seem fine on your computer.


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