Diamond chris mob lil scrappy dating firefighers and dating web site

Diamond and Lil Scrappy aren't even together anymore.

He's been dating the singer Brooke Valentine, for those who may have forgotten she's the one who made the smash hit "Girlfight" On the Southeast(Zone 3) side of Atlanta Georgia.

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And she probably wouldn’t mind getting at Diamond if necessary.

Seeing how Scrappy left Erica hanging for Diamond, she too might not be opposed to stepping to her either.

A lot of people said he was dating Diamond from the dirty south rap group Crime Mob.it's false.

In June of this year [2009] it will be Brooke and Scrappy's 2nd year of dating. So, Lil Wayne is actually Wayne Lil and so forth with "Lil John," "Lil Kim," "Lil Scrappy," etc.

They kiss on the mouth and birdman buys lil wayne very expensive cars and diamond rings, bracelets, and watches. So, Lil Wayne is actually Wayne Lil and so forth with "Lil John," "Lil Kim," "Lil Scrappy," etc.

Birdman is not lil waynes father But instead Picked him up at the age of 11 and raped him, wayne admitted to this in the Carter 3 Documentary. Hence they are all related and are members of the Lil family.It is about a teenager who portrays someone with organized crime ties. Soulja Boy is the ceo of his record label Stacks On Deck Records.Soulja Boy has several artists signed to his record label, such as Bleu Davinci, Calico Jonez, and Diamond of Crime Mob.Diamond has reportedly been shaking in her Old National flea market Louboutin’s every since her ex-boyfriend, rapper Lil Scrappy and his gangster mom has been added to the cast.As I told you in my original post regarding to LHH Atlanta cast, Scrappy’s Mom has been on the warpath and has publicly said that she will beat the breaks off Diamond if she ever catches her.Son of the Mob is a book that was written by Gordon Korman.

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