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I often remind couples that at the wedding, your guests want to see why we're all here. Or better yet, maybe they were there with you at that concert, and now have a story to share with other guests.

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We are interested in resisting the heteronormative family structure in which people are expected to form a dyad, marry, have kids, and get all their needs met within that family structure. Think about where you see yourself in the future, and where you see your friends in relation to you, and then dream that future into reality together.

A lot of us see that as unhealthy, as a new technology of post-industrial late capitalism that is connected to alienating people from community and training them to think in terms of individuality, to value the smaller unit of the nuclear family rather than the extended family. The list goes on and on and on and on and I am fully serious. If you’re single, think about how you might continue to live life as a single person with your friends.

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I am one of those people who thinks it’s chill to sleep with your friends – if you’re both down, if you’re in the mood, if you can do it without making it weird, anecdotally I think it’s helpful if all people involved have Mars in Aries on their natal chart – but what I want to talk about today doesn’t have anything to do with dating your friends in a specifically sexual way or a way in which you’re hoping to shift the terms of your friendship from “friend” into “something more” whatever that means to you.

No, today I want to talk about dating your friends as .

But that authenticity helps with attraction—it’s the foundation of real connection,” says Brandy Engler, Ph. and author of the book, Here’s the other side we can totally agree on: You can’t date a person while they’re dating your friend.

Unless she’s a serial killer (I wouldn’t get on her bad side) or you know she is keeping 12 other lovers in addition to this one, that’s not kosher, cool, or any other variation thereof.

Sure they're seeing your love for each other with every step you take, but for those that were there at that time and place with you, or know the back story of how you decided to propose, etc., when they notice that one item they'll feel the love you have for them and for being in your lives.

According to Urban Dictionary, Girl Code is “The code of guidelines that girls must obey in order not to get kicked out of the community.” The range of rules changes from squad to tribe to whatever you call your girl group.

Thus, questioning how the status and accompanying behavior norms are different for how we treat our friends versus our dates, and trying to bring those into balance, starts to support our work of creating chosen families and resisting the annihilation of community that capitalism seeks. If you and your pal don’t live in the same place, think about what you would do for a long-distance relationship — schedule phone calls! Be intentional about the time you make to spend with friends. If you’re partnered, be clear with your partner that some friends are close enough to you that you’d like to include them in your visions for the future.


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