Dating skills for women speed dating tips and advice

By the way, this works for offline connections too.

Back in high school, I could barely bring myself to look at a girl, let alone ask her out.

As a man who is an excellent communicator and emotionally connected, I was one of the most dangerous of daters.

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However, is it really worth taking the risk for the 1-2% who might be dangerous?

As your heart protector, here are some common sense safety tips when you think he’s different: First, meet in a public place.

It was kinda easy to WOO and WOW women on the phone and they not only thought me safe, they felt an almost unique connection with me.

Now I mostly would talk to moms, because as a dad, I thought them safe. Just because they read a profile and a few correspondences or shared one cocktail at a bar, they felt they knew me and felt comfortable.

If you have male friends who are also interested in pickup (or are interested in helping you get laid), you should bring them with you, so that they become your wingmen who engage other girls while you are isolating the girl you like.

If you want a perfect relationship or marriage that’s why you are seeking to marry a Filipino woman, that would not work.

If you know a friend who is happily married to a Filipina, that is because they work it out. You don’t need a perfect partner but do your best to a perfect for her. Whatever it is, if you want to meet a Filipina women, you should go to the Philippines or better yet use online dating sites like Filipino Cupid, Filipino Kisses, Asian Dating, Cebuanas, Christian Filipina or Pina Love to discover one and visit the country afterward.

You will save more if you explore online dating sites first before flying to the Philippines.

Having your own wheels gives you control should the date go bad.

The worst thing is to be reliant on somebody else for transportation as it gives them the control on how long you spend together and let’s face it, it’s safer to have your own car just in case. This may be obvious, but alcohol creates bad judgement and I have known too many women who have said yes to coming to my home after a few drinks.

Safety is still safety and being safe ALL the time is a better bet than trusting your gut with someone you have never met, don’t ya think?

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