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For the unrelated magazine, see Aljazeera Publishing.

Employment had more than tripled in one year to 500 employees, and the agency had bureaux at a dozen sites as far as EU and Russia.

Its annual budget was estimated at about $25 million at the time.

Al Jazeera Media Network has stated that they are editorially independent from the government of Qatar as the network is funded through loans and grants rather than government subsidies.

Critics have accused Al Jazeera of being a propaganda outlet for the Qatari government.

At the time of the Al Jazeera Media Network launch Arabsat was the only satellite broadcasting to the Middle East, and for the first year could only offer Al Jazeera a weak C-band transponder that needed a large satellite dish for reception.

A more powerful K Al Jazeera was not the first such broadcaster in the Middle East; a number had appeared since the Arabsat satellite, a Saudi Arabia-based venture of 21 Arab governments, took orbit in 1985.

Some jammed Al Jazeera's terrestrial broadcast or expelled its correspondents.

In 1999, the Algerian government reportedly cut power to several major cities in order to censor one broadcast.

In June 2017, the Saudi, Emirati, Bahraini, and Egyptian governments demanded the closure of the news station as one of thirteen demands made to Qatar during the 2017 Qatar Crisis.

Other media networks have spoken out in support of the network.

In presenting "The opinion and the other opinion" (the station's motto), it did not take long for Al Jazeera to shock local viewers by presenting Israelis speaking Hebrew on Arab television for the first time.


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