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The facial recognition api developed by determines the person's facial features by mapping their face.The shape and size of the eyes, nose, cheekbones, mouth and jaw are some of the important features used in determining a person's unique facial structure.In one part, the researchers looked at the top 20 actresses on IMDb and found that they tend to have rocky marriages.

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“I met some nice people, but realistically I went for the hottest girl you could find.” He spent the better part of his 30s going on up to three dates a week, courting 20-something blond models, but eventually realized that dating the prettiest young things had its drawbacks — he found them flighty, selfish and vapid.

“Beautiful women who get a fair amount of attention get full of themselves,” he says.

The men who were judged to be the best-looking had higher rates of divorce.

Looking to avoid such a fate, Rochkind started dating a woman who isn’t a bikini model, Carly Spindel, in January 2015. The two met after Spindel’s mother, matchmaker Janis Spindel, scouted Rochkind at a gym.

The facial recognition software also determines a person's age based on a variety of features.

There are important factors in regards to facial attractiveness that determine how a facial attractiveness score is calculated once a person’s facial points have been determined.For a person’s eyes, the distance between the eyes and the depth of the eye sockets are important factors.Important factors for a person’s nose, the width of the nose and the length of the nose.The algorithm was trained by thousand of users using our App, which you can download from the Play Store . ” We have all asked ourselves these questions, however until, a person had limited options in determining how attractive they were.While these scores are determined by advanced algorithms that include identifying and comparing a person's facial features against a database of other people's facial features and real people's view of how attractive a person is, it is important for a person to take the Facial Attractiveness Test in a fun and lighthearted manner. Typically, the only options available were simple facial attractiveness tests that used either no facial recognition software or appeared to respond with random scores.These results are meant to be used only for entertainment purposes only. While these facial attractiveness tests were largely for entertainment purposes, the overall experience left people wanting something more accurate.


  1. Goulart has a perfect height standing at 5 feet 9.5 inches (1.77 m) and weighs around 53 kg.

  2. Meanwhile, Elizabeth figured love is, in the end, more imporant than money and Kovacs "wasn't as angry as [he] thought he'd be" about losing out on the 0,000 grand prize because he now has an "awesome relationship" with Elizabeth. Most of the questions were in the ballpark of "is your relationship real?

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  6. So, what this means for you is if you are particularly uninteresting or uninviting on the eyes, you may get "next"-ed over and over, such that you may find the service to be somewhat depressing.

  7. Logged in customers will skip the pre-chat survey, while the non-logged in visitors need to fill out your pre-chat survey before chatting.

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