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Network officials suggested there may not be an announcement until Tuesday night, when the show goes on the air. Top searches for Willa Ford on Yahoo’s pay-per-search engine for the month of September are in, with the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ perhaps not ousted contestant receiving 145,276 searches for the month.

Several queries related to the ABC hit show, though interest in her Playboy pictures is still dominant.

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Willa and Nate started dating from September 13 of 2015, and since then, their relationship stays very strong.

On September 13, 2017, Nate posted a picture on Instagram.

With breaking news that country singer Sara Evans on Thursday announced she was filing for divorce and quitting the ‘Dancing With the Stars’ television competition, some fans on the show’s forum at are lobbying for the return of just ousted contestants Willa Ford and Maksim Chmerkovski.

It’s probably a good bet, considering the popularity of the show, and ABC not wanting to eliminate two episodes.

She talked about escaping the bottom two, her intense partner, how it’s hard not to want to vote for Jerry Springer, Mario Lopez’s bad rep with the ladies, and more.

Willa Holland makes your heart throb like crazy, and we feel you on that.However, looking at his Instagram, Nate’s niche is nude portraits.He stared this when he was single and just having fun.His current Instagram account has approximately 30 thousand followers now.The big question now is, are Willa and Nate going to get married?He also dropped a TV series notion and renewed her for a third season; meaning, the relationship continues.


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  4. It really gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "family affair," huh?

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