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Event Args) Handles User Control1Validated 'do stuff and/or junk End Sub Now when the user control validates the date, it will raise an event to the containing form and you can do whatever you want there.

To Upper Then Set Due Date() End If End Sub Finally, in the form, just set up the event handler: Private Sub User Control1_dtp Validated(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Here is a sample of what I would like to do only having it be the validation on the user control not the dtp. Validated Dim my Dtp As Date Time Picker my Dtp = Direct Cast(sender, Date Time Picker) If my Dtp.

Private Sub dtp_Validated(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

The date and time picker allows a user to select a single point in time or a time range.

Time can be expressed as a date, a time of day, or a combination of both.

The comparison is one of the following: 'equal' or 'same' or 'eq', 'not Equal' or 'not Same' or 'ne', 'less Than' or 'before' or 'lt', 'greater Than' or 'after' or 'gt', 'not Less Than' or 'not Before' or 'ge', 'not Greater Than' or 'not After or 'le'.

The reference date can be given as a call with the name 'dp Compare Date'.

We will validate the Text Box to ensure that the user has entered a value.


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