Christian dating how important is physical attraction

It’s just less important than many people seem to think.

To help with that, next week we'll look at some tips for first dates.

“I don’t care what she’ll look like,” the young man declared about his yet-unknown future bride.

“I’ll love her for who she is inside.” Everyone in the small gathering of young people looked at him with distinctly unconvinced expressions.

But this was a church gathering, and we all knew he was saying the spiritual thing. That is, until one guy ventured what was to him a sincere question: “Yeah, but don’t you want her to be hot?

Now, I know some of you are about to get defensive, or maybe even claim that I have no credibility on this subject because my wife is hot.

(And I definitely think she is.) But I never said that physical attraction doesn’t matter at all.

Some people won’t admit that it’s a major factor, because that might make them seem shallow.

But, it is likely still the first thing you consider when meeting someone and deciding whether you might be interested in dating them.

This question comes up a lot in my current ministry, too, usually in the form of a single friend feeling guilty for not being attracted to an otherwise worthy romantic candidate.

I usually tell friends they shouldn’t feel guilty for not being attracted to someone—but they shouldn’t think the matter is necessarily settled, either. This is, in fact, God’s ideal for us even in eternity.

I don't say that to shame them, but I get the sense that as The Holy Spirit continues to conform us to Christ we will eventually see people as God does.


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