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It occurs in savanna, woodland, and scrubland up to 3,300 m elevation (Olrog and Lucero 1981; Redford and Eisenberg 1992; Ximénez 1975).

In spite of its wide distribution, Geoffroy's cat has been recently upgraded from Least Concern IUCN category to Near Threatened because of lack of knowledge and concern about the impact of human-related habitat changes on its populations (Nowell 2002).

At the present time, most information concerning this species comes from captive-bred individuals and field investigation carried out by Johnson and Franklin (1991) in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile, in the southernmost part of its distribution range.

Despite a wide overlap in diet composition, geographical variation was found in frequency of occurrence of primary food categories, presence of secondary food items, and mean weight of vertebrate prey.

These differences seem to be related to variation in food availability and suggest that Geoffroy's cats are able to show a certain degree of adaptability in foraging behavior.) is a small felid distributed from southern Bolivia and the Parana Basin of southern Brazil to the southern tip of Patagonia in Chile and Argentina (Cabrera 1957, 1961; Ximénez 1975).

Born into an aristocratic family, Percy Bysshe Shelley has no intentions of following in his father’s political footsteps.

The rebellious young poet finds himself drawn to more scandalous pursuits: supporting anti-royalist and anti-clerical causes, championing vegetarianism, and extolling the virtues of atheism, an act that ultimately leads to his expulsion from Oxford University.

Dietary investigations are fundamental to our understanding of foraging behavior, population dynamics, habitat use, and social organization (Mills 1992).

Although top-down effects of predators have been rarely demonstrated, knowledge of trophic behavior of carnivores is particularly important because they frequently play a major role as limiting or regulating factors of their prey species (e.g., Estes 1996; Mech 1996).

Winter Due to its favourable climatic conditions, Opatija is an area with considerable resources and facilities for health tourism.

40 km bicycle paths, 40 km mountain bike routes, bicycles and mountain bikes for hire.

This took place when, one day, after a big party at the tavern "The Fountain Inn" (where the upper class normally met), the inaugural procession came to a solar (where would be built the Presidential Palace) and some workmen (after open a small hole in the ground), gave him the stone to Casanave and he buried it, covering it with sand (using a shovel for it).

lieutenant is known that, before placing it, he had placed, under, a bronze plaque in which can read:\r\n The first stone of the Presidential House was laid on October 12, 1792, and the 17th year of the Independence of the United States of America.\r\n In 1793 he joined the Common Council of the Corporation of the city and, the following year, he was elected mayor of Georgetown, thus being the fifth person to hold the position.

1 room with sloping ceilings, ceiling height 190 - 250 cm with 2 beds (90 cm, length 200 cm).

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