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I think that's why she wants kids, she wants me to change in that way."During a separate argument, Brody called Kaitlynn a "psychopath" and "nightmare" after she shared her concern over him coming home in the middle of the night.Brody and Kaitlynn got engaged in 2016 after two years of dating.Brody Jenner is never complete without a girl on his arm.

She had a few modeling gigs, but is really a fashion entrepreneur.

She has a lifestyle blog and manages the online shopping site, Foray Collective.

When he and Nicole were on one of their many breakups, she confronted Cavallari in a club.

Though married Chad Kroeger, she dated Brody Jenner for a couple years.

It was revealed in Brody’s podcast that he dated Leah Jenner before she married his brother!

Formerly Leah Felder, she was friends with the Jenner brothers since they were teens.

After their relationship ended, Jenner revived his romance with Cavallari, but only on the show.

, it’s hard to believe who he really dated and who he was simply hanging out with.

In one photo shared by a friend, Brody is not wearing his wedding ring.

Tension between Brody, 35, and Kaitlynn, 30, reached an all-time high on the MTV reality TV series when the 2018 Woolsey Fire in Southern California threatened to burn their house.

After their breakup, Lavigne moved on with the Nickelback frontman, though they too divorced later.


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