Books predating the bible daniel schutzmann dating

The Mormon faith, however, states that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ's divinity, and that the Bible and BOM together accomplish this purpose.

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Books predating the bible

Regarding this record, 1 Nephi states: The text of the Book of Mormon is written in an archaic style, and some Latter Day Saints have argued that one would expect a more modern 19th-century vocabulary if Smith had authored the book.

The Book of Mormon also appears, according to Skousen, to use archaic phrases that are not found in the KJV but were in current usage at or around the time of its first publication in 1611.

The two words are homophones in English but dissimilar in Hebrew and in Egyptian.

There are many words and phrases which, when found in the Book of Mormon, exist only in a KJV context, suggesting that the words were not part of the author's daily vocabulary, but were used only in borrowings from the KJV.

Adherents of Latter Day Saint movement generally believe the Book of Mormon has a miraculous origin.

While Joseph Smith described the Book of Mormon as a "translation" of text written on golden plates, Smith had not studied ancient languages and did not "translate" in the traditional sense of the word.

Smith claimed a divine origin for his ability to translate.

The existence of biblical passages in the Book of Mormon is explained in the text as being the result of Lehi's family bringing with them a set of brass plates from Jerusalem which containing the writings of Moses, Isaiah, and several prophets not mentioned in the Bible.

Most Mormons accept the miraculous origin theory of the Book of Mormon and deny that the KJV was a source for it, arguing that the alleged similarities between the two are artifacts of the divine nature of the creation of the work.

In contrast, those who reject the miraculous origin of the Book of Mormon view the KJV as a major source for the Book of Mormon.

He argues that some of these comparisons show support for the Book of Mormon passages as having been derived from an ancient text.

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