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The writer isn't trying to write a thought provoking script, he's trying to write a 'feel good' story that ignores reality and is completely unrelated to anything previously discussed in the movie.

I believe the writer was trying to convey something along the lines of rationality and logic not being the gold standard when it comes to morality, but he failed in showing anyone why this might be.

The characters put up fights on grounds of morality in such petty issues that they come across as just being whiny children throwing a tantrum rather than humans stretched to the limits of what they'll do in pursuit of the greater good and finally drawing a line in what they can bear to justify to themselves as 'the rational thing to do'.

It was the final third that really ruined the film though.

Bonie Francesca Wright (born 17 February 1991) is an English actress, fashion model, screenwriter, director and producer.

She is best known for playing Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films.

Bonnie has an older brother named Lewis, who influenced her to audition for the role of Ginny.

She went to Prior Weston Primary School, in Islington and is a trained dancer studying ballet, African and Modern. In her spare time she enjoys playing football and surfing.

His attempt to show this may have actually being so poor that, inadvertently, he actually reinforced the importance of rationality.

I think the movie does deserve some credit for presenting a story that will get viewers thinking about some interesting concepts, for that I would still recommend it for people unfamiliar with philosophy, but if you are familiar with the concepts covered then I don't think it's worth watching as it will add nothing new to what you already know and will probably end up just irritating you.

Up until then it may not have been great, but it was at least trying to explore philosophical problems.

But at this point the self-righteous writer who can barely spell philosophy, let alone comprehend it, takes over.

The main thought experiment, deciding who should get to live, is pretty interesting at first.

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