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Regardless of all ethical issues around the matter, it doesn’t change the fact that to some, the race is an important distinction.Also, black people often feel underrepresented on dating websites, which is what started the trend of black dating apps.

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Matching algorithms Specify your location and choose a match, located nearby.

Start talking - the chat will destroy itself in an hour (the platform is conscious of its users’ privacy).

Price- A free trial;- Paid subscription - $14.95 per month.

Matching algorithms You can see profiles of users nearby.

The app is used It’s a fun app for online dating newbies - a sort of Tinder for black people.

If your goal is to test the waters and see whether online dating works for you, Soul Swipe, with its small but friendly community, is a perfect place to start.Going into online dating and never trying Tinder out would be missing out on a romantic sensation.Seriously, you have to try it out - and ignore the prejudices.We made a list of best black dating apps, reviewed the specifics of their functionality, and analyzed what made them so appealing in the first place.So, here we go - our top picks and their in-depth evaluation.Geo-based dating - the app shows you the profiles of people, located in your area.

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