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You’re an amazing woman and have so much to offer the world, but finding a guy who’s up to the task is easier said than done.You have your act together, but don’t get too many offers.

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Am i intimidating to women quiz

These are classic signs of a poor guy being flustered in front of a girl.

If you see him doing this, he’s probably too intimidated to ask you out.

Don’t do so much to gain the first that you sacrifice the second.

You’re not mean, not egotistical, not cold and uncaring.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin [Tact and Tactfulness]: A spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.

As much as we all want to think that guys can handle their own around girls, the truth is that a lot of men are intimidated by women.There’s plenty you can do to put the people around you at ease without sacrificing your sense of fashion or driven nature.My advice: Keep smiling and being friendly, keep dressing well, don’t give up your ambition, and give your boyfriend a backhand upside the head for making as preposterous a statement as “because cute girls are scary.” Just…you know, slap him playfully and smile when you do it.You’re simply an intelligent, attractive, organized, ambitious woman.I would venture to say that you and your potential suitors are in your early 20s?JOE: I think that your situation is a good one to be in – as you said, those traits that could come across as intimidating are all positive ones.


  1. Dating an HIV positive person can result in a lot of resistance from others and become quite the struggle for you as a result.

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