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After taking it all in for a minute, 13 settled down for a meal Kathy left for her.We hope to have more info on the investigation into the window washers who caused the disturbance to this nest soon - we'll share as soon as we can!This is now a law enforcement issue which is being investigated by NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife. This marks the first year that 41/AX has produced her own healthy brood of three young.

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At one point viewers noticed the remaining eyas was being sprayed with water from above, which may have been an attempt to drive or push that bird off the ledge, which luckily failed.

The workers remained in that area for the majority of the day until we were able to reach engineers for the building to escort them from the area.

Thanks to all for your care and support for these falcons.

We are happy to say that Zoologist Kathy Clark/NJDFW released BM/17 back on the roof at the nest level. She has been in a flight cage and can now fly on her own.

Pushing (by disturbing them) the birds to fledge early can be disastrous.

Since they are unable to fly on their own and without much skill, they often land below or another ledge or end up on the streets below.Above you see two views: one from outside of the nestbox, and one from inside the nestbox.If you have any technical problems, please email Ben Wurst. All in all, this was a great year for the pair who nests here.It was their first time producing their own brood of three healthy female falcons.The adults will remain near their nest site and the young will disperse.** For sound, please adjust the volume within the video player.


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