Adult baby fetish dating

I love playing games, doing crafts, watching movies, and just being a comforting person. If there is anybody of interest go to my apartment at 107 West 3rd street apt 8 Green Forest Arkansas 72638. If interested feel free to email or yahoo instant messenger me at [email protected]: Fun and loving dominant Mommy. I love to cuddle, read stories, draw, give bubble baths, play games and set rules.

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Since I came from out of state my transportation is limited.

I do not have supplies on hand so you will have to use your own.

I prefer to care for little boys, however I am capable of caring for little girls as well. Also, if anyone has any adult baby furniture to donate please bring to my address.

I can provide any such care you would like provided (changing diapers, feeding, giving a bath, etc.). Notes: I'm a daddy in central Arkansas looking for an AB boy or girl to diaper, take care of, bathe, spank, etc. I have outfits, diapers, toys and more to meet all your little desires.Often, the role playing of being an adult baby is fundamentally non-sexual as babies have no sex drive!However, as people often start to show interest in the ABDL world around puberty, there is a common risk for underage teens to enter the community either online or in real life, where they may be at risk.Good luck on your search and finding the one your searching for. Will visit or live in from time to time if you live close by. I do not charge for my services, but you must provide any materials for live in scenarios, as well as gas money if greater than 30 minutes away. Transgirls will be considered on a case by case basis. I am a college student in Arizona, but I am very mature for my age.Will take care of or talk to men for a fee that will be discussed. I cannot work out of my dorm, so I would have to come to your home.Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices.


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  7. She does better when she doesn't try so hard: The more clipped disco-funk of "Take Control" might be closer to "anonymous" r&b (one could just as easily imagine it coming from Nicole Scherzinger or Christina Milian) but it's also a much better song; the enjoyment comes from listening to how Amerie still makes it her own, the song's own excitement strained through her expressive, almost hesitant phrasing.

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